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Strategic Technology Consulting

How To Determine What The Best Mobile Devices Are For Your Team

As we find a new way to complete our work and run our businesses, new technologies and solutions help us become more efficient and productive than ever before. For many, we have drastically changed how we work, where we do, and what we require from our devices

5 Steps for Adopting Microsoft Teams Into Your Business

Microsoft Teams, when implemented correctly, has greatly increased productivity and collaboration while streamlining company communication. We have witnessed it transform a company, and also completely fail and go unutilized. We want to help you avoid being the latter. Like any tool – with Teams, you get out what you put in, but how do you…
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SharePoint & OneDrive: Two Tools, One Cloud-Based Storage Solution

On the surface, OneDrive and SharePoint might look like redundant tools, but their key differences make them two complementary parts of a great cloud document management solution. The key to utilizing each tool correctly is understanding what they do, how they work together, and adhering to best practices.


Is Your Cloud Solution Working For You?

When it comes to things like data protection, storage, hosted servers, and remote workstations, the cloud is our go-to answer—especially as we move more and more towards a remote work environment as a workplace standard.

Welcome to SwiftPuppy: The Next Step In IT

After operating for years as Managed Computer Systems, we’re happy to move forward as SwiftPuppy Technologies—a new logo, a new website, a new perspective, and a new beginning.


SwiftPuppy Can Help Your Nonprofit Save Money

Non-profit organizations have the same technology needs as any company does—they need to manage their network, their security, their servers, and so on.