What is Endpoint Management and Is Yours Effective?

Employees are constantly on the go and sometimes use a company or personal device to access company information and accounts from a multitude of locations and various networks. Because there are no longer walls that define working spaces, the wall off and fortify approach to cybersecurity is no longer effective. IT service providers, like SwiftPuppy, need to be able to protect your company’s data in any space and from any device. This is where endpoint management comes in.

What is an endpoint?
Endpoints are any devices connected to the internet within your company. These include laptops, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, etc.

What is endpoint management?
Endpoint management is the ability to centrally discover, provision, deploy, update, and troubleshoot endpoint devices within an organization. Essentially, an IT service provider adds all company devices to their endpoint management system and monitors and maintains the device remotely.

Why is endpoint management important?
Traditionally, endpoint management was used to maintain and monitor each employee’s computer within a company’s office space. Now, endpoint management is expanding to monitoring multiple devices per employee (phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops), enabling IT service provider to recognize any threats immediately, and limit company data exposure no matter the device’s location, and provide maintenance for the devices.

At SwiftPuppy, we work with you to ensure that your company stays secure no matter where your employees are and configure your mobile endpoints for security. Our endpoint implementation and management services keep you secure by:

1. Encrypting your devices.

One of the biggest loopholes in security for mobile endpoints is the fact that they are easily lost or stolen. When someone has physical access to a device it is very easy to extract sensitive data. We help set up your devices to be encrypted and allow for remote lockdowns or wipes so if it falls into the wrong hands, it won’t be detrimental.

2. Blocking bad apps and software.

Another step we take is locking down devices to only allow reputable apps that both reduce the risk of your employees downloading apps that have malware and keeps the utilization of the device work related.

3. Locking down your information.

With endpoint management, we can mitigate access to your network. We can allow company devices (that have been equipped with security measures) to access information while being instantly alerted to any non-company devices attempting to get in and restricting them immediately.

4. Increasing Security.

The majority of cyberthreats are enabled (usually unknowingly) by your employees. With us monitoring their devices, we can set up alerts for any suspicious behavior and eradicate threats before anything becomes catastrophic.

5. Regular Patching & Updates.

Device and software developers are constantly fixing bugs and issues with their systems. They release updates so that you can maintain the most secure and efficient version of their product. A lot of these updates and patches have to be administered and won’t happen automatically. With endpoint management, we can ensure that your devices and tools are getting the upkeep they need and staying reliable.

We strive to give you the information necessary to best protect your company. If you aren’t working with an IT provider or aren’t receiving endpoint management as a service, we would be happy to help you out. You can book a consultation call with us here. For more information on how to incorporate mobile devices safely into your business, you can check out our blog: How To Determine What The Best Mobile Devices Are For Your Team.

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