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We are a tight-knit team of technology experts with a passion for delivering workplace transformation to businesses across the Delaware Valley


When your IT partner is able to UNCOVER what is holding your organization back and DELIVER you the most impactful technology solutions, then you can EMPOWER your workforce to accomplish more. All of our solutions are designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.


We assess not just your technology infrastructure, but also how your business operates, uncovering what holds you back and where you could be at risk of breach or downtime.


We create a roadmap aligned with your business goals and deliver the most impactful technology solutions, implementing in phases at the right times and with the right tools.


We back our solutions with support and training that is refreshingly hands-on, empowering your workforce to accomplish more, and ensuring no staff member feels left behind.

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Organizations of all sizes are facing more sophisticated threats than ever imagined. SwiftPuppy’s innovative approach to cybersecurity protects your organization from becoming another statistic.

Our cybersecurity solutions consist of the following elements:

Protection at Every Layer

There are no silver bullets in security. Layered protection at every level is needed to minimize risk.

AI Based Threat Detection

Our security experts leverage the latest AI and machine learning techniques to protect your organization from an ever-evolving threat landscape.

End User Security Training 

Most breaches are from social engineering. We conduct phishing simulations and train users to make sure your staff is prepared for even the most sophisticated tactics.

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Multiply the power of your workforce with the latest cloud innovations.

Our custom built cloud solutions are designed to deliver the following benefits:

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Never miss out on the action because you didn’t have access to what you needed, when you needed it.

Instant Communication & Collaboration 

Enable instant communication and collaboration throughout every function of your business.

Process Optimization

Streamline your processes and turn your organization into a well oiled machine with custom built solutions.

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Steer your organization through today’s challenges with unparalleled insight into your operations.

Our business intelligence services consist of the following elements:

Business Impact Assessment

Gain valuable insight on the technological health of your organization and how it is impacting your operations.

Strategic Roadmapping

We work with you to understand your business goals and develop a roadmap to implement the right technology to make them a reality.

Project Management

Our project management team is with you every step of the way, ensuring seamless communication between all parties and that projects are completed on time and on budget.

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Custom Managed Service Plans Designed Specifically For Your Organization



Essential Security & Monitoring for Small Businesses

  • Desktop Security + Monitoring
  • Pay-As-You-Go Support
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Advanced Security for Tech-Forward Businesses

  • Advanced Security + Monitoring
  • Support Included
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Health Reporting
  • Security Awareness Training
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Workplace Modernization For Local Non Profit Organization 

A nationally based NPO with a chapter located in Camden County had a very specific mission; to collaborate with and enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities in the community. The organization provides residential programs, occupational training and job placement – and wanted to continue to fulfil its mission without interruption.


The organization had the initiative to increase collaboration and accessibility, but their dependency on aging physical infrastructure held them back from benefiting from the latest cloud innovations. 


The organization needed a plan to continually address and keep everything up to very specific standards. Without their accreditation, the organization could not fulfill its mission.


We collaborated with the organization to discuss a multifaceted and multi-stage plan to refresh end user equipment and migrate physical infrastructure to the cloud. Because they’re nonprofit, we were able to obtain an annual Azure grant. 


The organization was able to work faster and with greater productivity. With the new and improved ease and efficiency, the organization was able to help more people, gain more funding and continue to fufill it’s mission.

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