Most organizations require a combination of the following services, which we have bundled in three popular packages. Of course, we customize our 'Swift' packages to fit your exact needs.

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Remote support & advanced protection against most threats
SwiftStarter includes:
Remote support from a dedicated IT team in Cherry Hill, NJ
Managed multi-layered endpoint security for your team
PC health and security monitoring
Managed patching and updates
Detailed and jargon-free reporting on all your IT assets
Additional add-ons available
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Complete IT support for all aspects of IT (servers, cloud inclusive) & long-term strategic planning
Everything in SwiftStarter, plus these upgrades:
Onsite support during business hours
Security, monitoring and backup for your cloud services (such as Microsoft 365)
Security, monitoring and proactive maintenance for servers
Ongoing security awareness testing and training for staff
3rd party software management
And vCIO Services:
Dedicated virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to execute as if he/she were one of your own executive officers
Offers strategic advice and joins in on meetings
Annual technology roadmap, budget preparation and asset & inventory management report
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For organizations in need of the most advanced protection & extended hours for emergency support
Everything in SwiftPro, plus these upgrades:
24/7 security response team team (humans) monitoring security events and your logs and network
After hours emergency remote support included
Add-on compliance services available
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Common Questions

Can I pick and choose the inclusions in my package?
We have put together our packages to keep things simple and secure for you. That being said, if we notice you would benefit from an addition, you can count on us to recommend it to you.
How does Auto Billing work?
Our support agreements are setup as a monthly agreement paid in advance. We take the hassle and stress away by automating the billing process.
Is backup included?
Organizations have varying requirements when it comes to backups, as some businesses are more data-intensive as others. It would not be ethical for us to include backups in the standard packages, considering that many organizations do not have a high backup requirement (measured in GB). However, we would be forced to budget for those outliers.

As such, backups needs and investment costs are discussed separately when we are exploring our partnership together.
If your SwiftPlus offers more security, is SwiftStarter still safe?
Yes, while we could tell every business they won't be secure until they buy everything, the real answer is your business is unique and there is a perfect balance of security and price for your business.
Is hosting included?
Our packages are for your routine day to day support. Licensing, hosting services, etc can be quoted as add-ons to the chosen package.
What plan do I need for HIPAA compliance?
HIPAA compliance requires a significant amount of documentation of your IT processes, as well as adhering to other IT-best practices.

You get fail-proof HIPAA compliance services on our SwiftPlus package. These activities are billed separately, as HIPAA compliance is required by too few organizations to be included as a standard.