SwiftPuppy Can Help Your Nonprofit Save Money

Non-profit organizations have the same technology needs as any company does—they need to manage their network, their security, their servers, and so on. They also still need the same kinds of technology tools; they need their collaborative platform, their communication system, their filesharing application, and more. They need these things, and yet we see so few IT companies willing to support them for some reason. Swift puppy is different. We want to help these organizations manage their technology, because these people deserve help. We’re especially excited to do so because there are some unique IT opportunities available to non-profits that can save them a lot of money. Between grants and non-profit discounts, these organizations can benefit from 70-90% discounts on some powerful modern tools that can help them more effectively benefit their community. SwiftPuppy can help manage those tools and find you those deals.

How Does This Work?

              There are several steps to any IT solution: acquiring the solution, and implementing the solution. SwiftPuppy can help with both, but the majority of the savings can be found in the acquisition. We’ve found that Microsoft is incredibly generous with their grants; they’ll give away 10 free Microsoft Office 365 business premium licenses (and $5 per additional user—a 75% discount), a $3500 grant credit towards Azure, and some additional discounts across the board. SwiftPuppy can help you manage these grant applications, implement them, and manage them—letting you focus on the good work you’re doing in your community. Taking advantage of these offers and our services can result in a 75%-90% savings on these robust office solutions; normal companies would have to pay full-price. A free or massively discounted Office 365 subscription gives your non-profit access to Outlook and Teams, two very powerful and flexible communication and collaboration tools, SharePoint file sharing, OneDrive storage, and more. Taking advantage of these deals, alongside out management and implementation expertise, will save you a lot of money.

              We’d also like to specifically highlight the Microsoft Azure grant of $3500 (there’s an additional COVID-19 grant that doubles this to $7000). Taking advantage of this grant will allow your non-profit to take advantage of cloud infrastructure for remote desktop access or cloud storage at functionally no cost. These solutions usually cost thousands of dollars, but these grants let nonprofits take advantage of them easily. This is especially true in the modern era of remote work—virtual desktop access and remote data storage lets non-profits continue working safely to benefit their communities. Being able to continue service during a time of need is an obvious boon.

              When it comes to opportunities like these, SwiftPuppy is happy to help. We can start be helping you identify your technology needs and managing the grant application. From there, we’ll work with you to implement the chosen solution and manage your technology moving forward—for an affordable price. If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to schedule a call with us via our website. We hope you found this article interesting, and we hope that you’ll consider these options for your non-profit organization.

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