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Managed IT Services - IT support.

Is your current IT Support company letting you down?

Are you tired of having no clear direction for your IT infrastructure?
Does IT feel like a cost-sink, without much benefit or solution that meets your specific needs?
Are you not sure if your business is even secure? Would someone with malicious intent have easy access to your vital data and network?

We know how that feels... and it's draining

With all the possibilities that technology offer, to have yours dragging you down is just a lousy situation to be in.

We have seen many businesses whose energy and enthusiasm were being drained by their IT: the business did not only become less productive, it even became less passionate.

No one who has the character to start a business deserves to fall into one of those traps that downplay the performance of your team, but it inevitably happens... and it hurts the business.

Managed IT Services - Lousy IT.

At SwiftPuppy, we bring a fresh, reliable angle to IT services…

Enjoy reliable technology

Everything in your IT environment would work with such unprecedented speed under our management, with no issues (from servers to systems to networks). Our maintenance plan ensures you can focus on your business, knowing that you have professionals looking after your technology!

Save costs

Save up to 50% on VoIP and other aspects of your IT! With our decades of experience and partnerships built over the years, we ensure you get only the best deals from your vendors and dealers. Every decision is taken with your budget and business needs in mind, we provide you with managed IT services and technology solutions that would enable you cut excess expenditure.

No long-term contracts

Quite unlike other IT companies in New Jersey, we put ourselves in the position to actively impress you with our IT services every single month, for you to keep working with us. No long-winding service level agreement (SLA) would keep you from leaving, stay because you are 100% satisfied!

Enjoy Maximum Cybersecurity

With our proactive cybersecurity solutions, we can keep your entire company network completely secure, from computers to tablets, phones, and, even fax machines! We proactively ensure that no data loss occurs, our data security service has a 360-degree approach in protecting your IT systems.

We go the extra mile to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your IT environment…

Cloud Solutions

We take you on a digital transformation journey, to help you ease into the cloud with confidence. Get official work done, wherever, from whatever device, with cloud computing services South Jersey. With our managed services, you can be sure that we proactively protect your transition to the cloud and subsequent cloud computing services.


We help you cut up to 50% of your expected cost for traditional landlines. Be able to answer your desk phone through Teams and even on your mobile device. We have done this for several organizations in New Jersey, offering professional technical support throughout.

Proactive Maintenance and Status Monitoring

We stay on top of everything IT, proactively monitoring your company’s entire IT network and providing tailored solutions in real-time. The goal of our managed IT services is to ensure your business operations become as seamless as possible, with technology solutions.

Cyber Security and Antivirus

Through a series of proactive measures, we prioritize your cyber security; ensuring that all threats and vulnerabilities are taken care of in order to drastically reduce risk of any cyberattack.

Data Backups Disaster Recovery

You can depend on us to get back up and running in the event of a cyberattack, fire incident, or even hurricane. Your business doesn't need to suffer, get your It environment functioning seamlessly again. With our support services, you have a trusted New Jersey-based team of technology experts to help you get your business running smoothly again.

Automating Processes

We help you automate recurring your basic business processes, so that you can focus on doing tasks that cannot be automated. Using artificial intelligence, we enable you to get work done without doing the work.

Virtual CIO Services

With our managed IT services, you get a trusted partner on all things IT. With our expertise, we design an actionable roadmap for your business growth, establishing the technology that would take you there and the process of acquiring and maintaining them.

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Optimization

We help you work seamlessly on your digital workspaces. Beyond that, we ensure you use your software to the max. We find that too many businesses jump on any latest software to help their productivity (at extra cost), meanwhile, they already have the functionalities in their Microsoft 365 software. With our support, we help you discover and utilize all the resources available to you, at no extra cost.

Free consultancy sessions for South Jersey businesses

Rather than taking no action at all, or spending dozens of hours of Googling fruitlessly on what to do with your IT, why not just have a chat with us? We'll give a lot of suggestions and solutions on what you can improve, absolutely free and with no strings attached.

"Free? There must be a catch!"

It's simple: by providing you with this value - and showing you the potential benefits to be had, you might invite us to partner up and manage your business technology on your behalf.

However, that is completely optional and again - there are no strings attached. If you do not want to utilize our other IT services; then we are satisfied to have served you regardless.

Managed IT Services - Free consultancy in South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - SwiftPuppy testimonial.

Robert Malloy

Robert J. Malloy, Esq.

“I have worked with John for quite some time, and have always found him to be responsive and effective.”

“Responsive and effective.”

Your IT environment really matters to us

It's true, we freaking love IT infrastructure. It's why we got into the industry. We like working with it, we like optimizing it and we love discussing its potential with you. We promise you that our personal care and approach to managed IT services and IT support is unlike anything you've experienced before.

Managed IT Services - South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - Fast response.

Answers to your questions

Tell us a bit about your business and we can advise you on the following:

If your existing IT support costs are reasonable
If you could / should move your infrastructure to the cloud
How you can strengthen your cyber security
If your backup strategy and disaster recovery plan is good enough
How to optimize your workflow to increase company output
And much more

We cater to all of South Jersey

From our office in Cherry Hill, we cater to all of South Jersey, NJ. Being remote IT support experts, we can tackle nearly all IT problems without having to invade your privacy - and if we do need to come to visit, we'll jump in the car and meet you in no time.

Book a call with us today to get to know us - no strings attached.

Managed IT Services - South Jersey.

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