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SwiftPuppy offers end-to-end cloud solutions crafted to scale with your company.

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Cloud computing services that accelerate your digital world

Interested in leveraging the cloud for your business to make scaling easier, quicker, and less costly?

Looking for a way to modernize, migrate, optimize, and manage your cloud environment and build secure, highly agile, and worthwhile systems to finally kick off business growth?

SwiftPuppy offers extensive expertise in public, private, hybrid, and multi cloud deployments to help companies get complete control over their cloud environments by selecting the most appropriate type of ownership, access, and size.

Cloud services - run your New Jersey business in a better way

Our expertise in different cloud environments is the cornerstone of our dominance in the cloud computing service market.

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Access applications and documents on demand

Our cloud based services enable your workforce to have flexible access to files, documents, and applications on demand and on the move.

Get the safest cloud storage where you can keep your whole IT without the hassle, equipment connected to an old traditional server, and technical concerns.

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Robert Malloy

Robert J. Malloy, Esq.

“I have worked with John for quite some time, and have always found him to be responsive and effective.”

“Responsive and effective.”

Get rid of unnecessary hardware

SwiftPuppy provides cloud computing solutions that help you get rid of unnecessary hardware, allowing your employees to remotely access any applications, documents, and files from any place.

Our custom crafted cloud solutions enable companies to transform themselves without spending a fortune on in house hardware and software maintenance expenses.

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Managed IT Services - South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - IT support.

SwiftPuppy recommends Microsoft Office 365

We highly recommend switching to Microsoft Office 365, which features storage and email services - it's less expensive than having an on site server and minimizes the risk of data loss. SwiftPuppy can handle migrations, meaning that your organization will save money and experience minimal downtime.

We are always on hand to help you create the perfect network architecture for your business and provide ongoing support.

Put network security at the heart of your business

Remember, utilizing your cloud and internet connection is more than just accessing web browsers. Allow your team to get the most out of a reliable access point to all vital files whilst increasing your security and diminishing your overheads.

Stop wondering, "What if?" Have complete peace of mind with our cloud-based services that keep your data backed up and safe so your business can continue running if something happens. We understand how important data security is for your company.

Managed IT Services - South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - Fast response.

The #1 custom software development company

As a managed IT services South Jersey leader and cloud specialist, SwiftPuppy cooperates tightly with clients to deploy the best bespoke cloud environment for their companies. Our cloud computing combines storage, security, and networking into one single easy to operate package, which we observe 24/7/365.

SwiftPuppy will maintain your company's cloud system, so you and your employees don't have to. Our cloud based solutions are scalable and align with your expanding business.

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Our cloud computing service makes the digital transformation journey easy

Speed up your cloud adoption with confidence using a safe and proven road map designed to help you implement vital tech and business strategies necessary for your business to succeed in the cloud.

Managed IT Services - South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - IT support.

Three steps to cloud success with SwiftPuppy

Working with SwiftPuppy means getting an end to end cloud strategy in charge of ensuring your endeavors are well thought out, implemented according to the highest industry standards, and operationalized with optimization in the first place.

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Three steps to cloud success with SwiftPuppy

Working with SwiftPuppy means getting an end to end cloud strategy in charge of ensuring your endeavors are well thought out, implemented according to the highest industry standards, and operationalized with optimization in the first place.

Phase #1: Strategize

SwiftPuppy takes the time to meet your business. Even if you don't know them yet, we will help you come up with ideas, set goals, map resources, and understand your weak areas, allowing you to make the most informed choice toward the smooth migration to the cloud. Our recommendations are always vendor neutral.


SwiftPuppy's cloud experts help businesses assess if their IT environment is cloud and migration ready. With us, you can plan ahead and stay calm because we will walk you through the entire process to make the best decision for your company.


We will work with you step by step and hand in hand to discuss business drivers, environment strengths, and security weaknesses, helping you reach the desired outcome.

Phase #2: Implement

Whether it comes to public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions, SwiftPuppy can accelerate the migration of complex databases, legacy applications, and workloads.


Our cloud professionals help business owners move their workloads from the data center to cloud environments without headaches. Whether you are migrating between cloud providers or moving on premises workloads, SwiftPuppy has the best practices to support your complex endeavors.


Accelerate your modernization journey with road maps and get the most out of your public, private, and hybrid cloud.


We provide clients with the best tools and practice advice helping them break down silos and speed things up for superior quality code.

Phase #3: Operationalize

Start saving with our day to day cloud environment solutions and take your business to the next level.

A tiered pricing model

Choose what suits you the most.

Enjoy peace of mind

Focus on the core of your business, knowing your entire cloud ecosystem is in good hands.

Managed services that follow business changes

SwiftPuppy helps companies free up their teams' bandwidth by streamlining their daily operations.


Combine cost optimization with security, incident management, business governance, and change management.

Storage and disaster recovery

Minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, prevent data loss, improve agility and reliability, and prepare your business for anything.

SwiftPuppy helps you build a smarter world

Explore endless possibilities using cloud environments designed to support complex and dynamic business environments.

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Public cloud

Avail SwiftPuppy's cloud services and resources, such as virtual machines, storage, hardware, software, security, and infrastructure, and kick back and relax knowing your network is in good hands.

Reduced costs
High reliability and availability
Budget friendly multitenancy model

Private cloud

Take advantage of private cloud computing resources hosted by the third party cloud service provider or files stored in the on site data center. Compute resources are exclusive to the establishment.

Better security control
High personalization
Efficient scalability and more flexibility
Managed IT Services - South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - IT support.

Hybrid cloud

Combine public and private clouds to get the best of both worlds. SwiftPuppy's hybrid cloud solutions are provisioned and orchestrated based on your company's needs and policies.

Super easy transition
Meticulous policy adherence
Optimized investment
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We help companies distribute their cloud resources, such as applications, data, hardware, and infrastructure across multiple cloud ecosystems, whether in a single, public, or private network architecture.

Cost effectiveness
Powerful disaster avoidance mechanisms
Avoid vendor lock in
Managed IT Services - South Jersey.
Managed IT Services - IT support.

Technology services for your unique needs

From economic analysis over proactive support to trust and transparency, SwiftPuppy has got you covered.

Unlock the value of the cloud, accelerate company modernization, and deliver more innovation to your clients.

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